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We Help Your Business Overcome
The Technolgy Challenges You Face

Regardless of what your business does, you use technology to run it and without it, you would fail.

Whether it’s enabling remote workers, processing payments, scheduling appointments, paying employees, creating and managing content, or even just sending email – your technology is essential.

Technology is complex and changes quickly and while your IT Team is keeping up with these changes, who is thinking about how the technology can be used to grow, adapt and sustain your business?

Grow Your Business

As you grow your business, you need technology that is designed to scale with you and to meet the plans you have for your business.

Adapt Your Business

Your business is constantly changing and this means adapting the technology you need and delivering the right solutions and the right projects.

Sustain Your Business

Technology is no longer set and forget.  To sustain your business you need to ensure your IT systems continue to deliver the outcomes you need.

Our Services

Through our virtual consulting services, we help businesses who are faced with the challenge of needing to better understand technology, to identify ways that it can be used to support their business and its goals and who recognise the importance of technology in today’s modern world – but don’t need to have full-time employees in these roles.

Whether you need a part-time CIO, an outsourced project team, a virtual Project Management Office or someone to help you choose your next Managed Service Partner, our team are here to help you.

IT Strategy

A comprehensive IT Strategy will:
- support your business strategy
- improve your project success rate
- create increased value in your technology
- provide stronger benefits realisation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives enable your business through:
- reducting your operational costs
- improving product and service quality
- increasing customer satisfaction
- driving growth through your business

Project Governance

A proved framework for governing your projects provides:
- tighter scope management
- improved decision making
- consistency in project delivery
- increased clarity in communication and reporting

Compliance and Cyber Security

Maintaining compliant and secure technology allows for:
- customer and client confidence that their data is secure
- swift resolution and management in the event of a breach
- quality, safety and industry specific needs to be met
- business continuity and disaster recovery planning

MSP Performance Monitoring

When you outsource your IT Operations you need you to:
- regularly report on system performance and KPI's
- analyse the financial return and negotiate improved contracts
- ensure you don't lose you intellectual property
- deliver on your customer expectations regardless

Project Delivery

Outsourcing your project team lets you to benefit from:
- flexible and skilled resources
- increased efficiency
- removal of understaffing challenges
- internal focus on your core functions

About Us

Who We Are

Riteway Consulting is part of Riteway Solutions Group, a privately owned company that was formed in 2000, our head office is located in Baulkham Hills, NSW.

We specialise in providing IT leadership and project delivery services to clients all across NSW and Australia, including corporates, mid-sized businesses and government departments.

We pride ourselves that the majority of our business is obtained via word-of-mouth, highlighting that our high standards and attention to detail pays off and shows to our clients.






What We Believe

We believe that technology is a necessity for today’s modern business and as technolgy continues to lead and create opportunities for innnovation and change, every business now relies on it to survive and grow.  Technology literally changes every aspect of how a business operates and it is critical that business owners understand how technology can affect their organistion and how to take of advantage of the changes technology brings.

Our mission is to “increase the value of our client’s technology through improved quality in people, processes, leadership and planning” and is supported by our vision “to be recognised as a trusted partner that delivers on our commitments with the highest standard of quality, professionalism and integrity”.

It is this vision that has earned us an excellent customer retention record both with public and private sector clients.

Why Choose Us?


Right Focus

We have worked with some of Australia's leading companies and are focussed on meeting the needs of you and your team.


Right Experience

We have supported our clients in the delivery of IT transformations for over 20 years and have the experience to successfully deliver change for your business.


Right Leadership

As a trusted partner and advisor to your business, we bring our leadership skills to support your vision in an independant and proactive manner.

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