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Technology Can be Critical
to the success of your business.

Every modern business relies on technology for it’s sucess, whether it’s to enable your teams with more efficient business processes, to directly provide services to your clients, to help you stay organised and in control, or even just to keep you in contact with your staff and customers – your technology is essential.

However modern technology is becoming increasingly complex and it changes quickly.  If your IT team are busy maintaining the various systems that you use today, who is working with you to understand, advise and deliver the technology changes you need to stay successful

This is where outsourcing your project delivery and using specialist project consultants can help.


You get access to people and teams with the experience you need.


Our consultants bring their learnings from previous engagements to your project.

Improved Efficiency

Improving your project and program delivery improves the efficiency of your business.

Reduced Risk

Project risks are reduced as our consultants know exactly what to look out for and mitigate.

Increased ROI

You only pay for the time used on your project, reducing the cost and improving your ROI.

Our Services

Having the right project team can make a significant difference to the success or failure of any project, in fact a recent survey found that 90% of senior executives ranked project management capability as either critical or important to their ability to deliver successful projects.

We not only provide the right project team, we have proven processes across all areas of project delivery that support our clients to execute their projects on time, within budget, and to the desired quality. We also work with you to plan the project, so we can minimise the impact to your team.

If you’re planning on undertaking an IT project you haven’t done before, if you don’t have experienced, full-time employees in all the roles you need, or if your team are focussed on managing BAU activities and cannot be released to deliver the changes, our team are here to help.

Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting

We offer experienced consultants that can work with you at every stage of your cloud journey. Whether its building a strategy and plan, implementing infrastructure, or carrying out the migration to the cloud, our team have done it before and can support you every step of the way.

Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Completing technology due diligence is only one service we provide in an M&A transaction, with our consultants experienced at also planning the right approach to your delivering technology merger, one that will enable growth and may even provide you with a competitive advantage post merger.

Project Governance

There is no one-size-fits-all in project governance and our consultants have the expertise to tailor our proven boilerplate project governance framework to suit your business and your projects.  Each component of our framework is customised to meet the specific operations of your organisation.

Virtual PMO Service

Our virtual Project Management Office service provides carefully-curated experts and best-practice processes and tools to support our clients in the delivery of their projects and programmes. Our goal is to drive successful project outcomes in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Project Delivery & Outsourcing

Sometimes you have a project that needs specialist expertise to deliver effectively. Using an experienced outsourced project team can reduce the risk of delivery failure and increase the opportunity for a quality outcome.  We offer resource augmentation or full-turnkey solutions for project delivery.

Ancilliary Project Services

Sometimes you might just need some one-off help with specific and more complex project related tasks. Our team are experienced at providing a range of services, including procurement management, project rescue and recovery, risk workshops, and more.

About Us

Who We Are

Riteway Consulting is part of Riteway Solutions Group, a privately owned company that was formed in 2000, with our head office located in north-west Sydney, NSW.

We specialise in providing project delivery and consultancy services to clients all across NSW and Australia, including corporates, mid-sized businesses and government departments.

We pride ourselves that the majority of our business is obtained via word-of-mouth, highlighting that our high standards and attention to detail pays off and shows to our clients.


Why Choose Riteway?


Right Processes

Increasing the likelihood of successfully delivering any project requires the right processes and we use processes that we know work.


Right Tools

We have been delivering IT projects for over 20 years and have the tools to successfully deliver change for your business.


Right People

Our consultants are chosen with the experience, skills and personality to suit your business, and to work closely with your team.

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