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Lack of proper governance is one of the leading causes of project failure and to help address this, we have developed a governance framework specifically for IT projects, that can be customised to suit your organisation.

Based on over 20 years of successful IT project delivery, if you need to improve the success of your IT projects, simply reach out and hopefully we can help.

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what is it

Structure, processes, decision-making models and tools that support and help control the delivery of your projects

Designed for organisations that need to improve the success of their project delivery.

Risk Management

Our framework includes a process for managing risks, which if identified early and with the right mitigation, can minimise the impact on project delivery.


Knowing who can make timely decisions is critical for the success of your projects. Our framework outlines the decision-making process best suited to your business.


Timely and accurate communication between stakeholders ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of the project and their role.

Improved ROI

Maximising the ROI of technology projects and aligning your them with your business objectives ensures you are delivering the right projects for your business.

what's included

Our IT Project Governance Framework Includes:


We can also provide a Virtual PMO (project office) for your business.

If you’re at that stage where you think you might need a project management office but the cost of establishing your own is too prohibitive, talk to us about our Virtual PMO service.  

You’ll benefit from the development of organisation-wide standards for the management of projects and programmes, we will advise, train and coach your leadership and staff to better manage projects and our will monitor, control and report all project-related activities in your organisation to top management as required.

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